MD-IDTM Technology

Know the Identity and Behavior of Your Audience


MD-IDTM Technology:
Identify Physicians That Visit Your Site

MD-IDTM is a cutting-edge permission-based tracking technology that allows you to pinpoint the exact identity and behavior of physicians and healthcare providers that traffic your website - all without requiring registration. MD-IDTM allows you to demonstrate exactly how your investment is making a business impact by delivering meaningful metrics that go far beyond the typical activity-based reporting of “clicks and page views”.

MD-IDTM Product Line

TARGET Campaign

  • Target your physician audience by geography/specialty/NPI #
  • Custom branded email template
  • Deployment of 6 branded emails to targeted list
  • Includes Echo deployments for increased engagement
  • Copy editing
  • Email performance reports
  • Identifies engaged MD-IDTM users for SMART Campaign add-on
  • Option to target by claims data including CPT, ICD, and Rx

SMART Campaign

  • Targeted physician audience of your most engaged users across the BroadcastMed Network
  • Custom branded email template
  • Copy editing of up to 12 emails
  • Deployment of up to 12 physician email campaigns
  • Campaign management and administration
  • Deployments over a 6 month period
  • Engaged members are identified and added to your MD-ID Campaign in real-time
  • Includes Email, Campaign & MD-ID Prospect Funnel Reports

Network Promotions

  • 2 weeks of content placement in BroadcastMed Network Banner Ad Rotator
  • 2 weeks of content placement in the BroadcastMed Specialty-Specific Newsletter
    • Gastroenterology
    • Heart & Vascular
    • Neurology
    • OB/GYN
    • Oncology
    • Orthopedics
    • ORLive Surgery
    • Pediatrics
    • BCM Today (Primary Care)
    • Urology
  • Social Media Sponsored Ad
  • Organic Social Posts on the BroadcastMed Network

LIVE Webcast Campaign

Includes TARGET Campaign in addition to...

  • Drives an audience to your LIVE and On-Demand webcast
  • Multi-channel promotion of your LIVE event
  • Customized email deployment cadence to optimize viewership
  • Includes Email, Campaign, & MD-ID Prospect Funnel Reports

On-Site Event Campaign

Includes TARGET Campaign in addition to...

  • Drives an audience to your on-site event
  • Multi-channel promotion of your on-site event
  • Customized email deployment cadence to optimize on-site attendance
  • Includes Email, Campaign, & MD-ID Prospect Funnel Reports


Includes TARGET and Network Promotions Campaigns in addition to…

  • Drives to your content featured on the BroadcastMed Network

Engagement Dashboard & MD-ID Prospect Funnel

Your Engagement Dashboard is a user-friendly destination that provides deep level insights into the performance of your site. Our proprietary algorithm calculates a Site Engagement Score for easy assessment to determine how users are interacting with your site, and its overall effectiveness. The Dashboard also serves as a centralized hub to access all essential data, including MD-IDTM Prospect Funnel Reports, Monthly Channel Reports, and features an interactive traffic source referral map.


Content Marketing Audit

We determine how your existing, newly aquired and future content can best elevate your brand. Led by our team of production experts, the digital asset audit ensures that your content is relevant, up-to-date, and optimized to meet your goals. We then analyze your physician engagement strategies and opportunities focusing on local, regional and national content marketing objectives.

Leverage Our Award-Winning Production Team: From OR to ON-DEMAND

Whether capturing surgical procedures in the OR, hosting a live conference, or publishing content on-demand, we have solutions to solve all of your content creation challenges. Our award-winning production team serves as an extension of your human and A/V bandwidth by providing insight and expert editorial consultation both on-site and remotely.

Portable Broadcasting Kit (PBK)

Lights, Camera, Content

No camera? No problem. We put content creation in the hands of our clients. The Portable Broadcasting Kit (PBK) is a “studio in a case” that is portable, easy to use, and affordable. We even have a version that fits in a backpack.


Let Us Host Your Message

With Our Flexible Content Management System

A Customizable Physician Solution

We make creating your online healthcare destination easy. With minimal IT support you can launch a site that is styled to match your existing web properties.

Site Features

  • Easy to implement
  • Integrated or stand alone
  • Content Management System
  • BroadcastMed Network extends your reach

Basic Channel

  • Supports live webcasts
  • Homepage with up to 24 pieces of featured content
  • Unlimited content assets (Video & PDF) accessed through search
  • Responsive design template featuring your logo & brand colors
  • Social sign-on & sharing
  • Custom URL
  • Video embed codes available
  • Site engagement dashboard & monthly channel report
  • Custom reporting available on request

Professional Channel

Includes Basic features in addition to...

  • Up to 6 topic specific pages
  • Fully customized branding & style
  • News publishing (Including RSS Feeds)
  • Registration
  • Available CME/Course upgrade

Enterprise Channel

Includes Professional features in addition to...

  • 6+ topic specific pages available
  • SSO Integration
  • Calendar functionality
  • CME & courses
  • Multiple division/organizational focused sub-sites (optional)

BroadcastMed Network Syndication

  • Supports LIVE webcasts
  • Content placement on
  • Responsive design template

Promotions Direct Channel
w/ MD-IDTM Plug-in

  • Allows you to promote your existing content
  • Drives physician traffic directly to your existing site
  • Does not require your development resources
  • MD-IDTM Plug-in identifies tagged physicians on your site
  • Collects data on physician engagement/behavior

Branded Channel Integrate

  • API integrates content into an existing web property using BroadcastMed CMS to host content
  • Use the content elements that are most important to your goals
  • Reporting and analytics for video and media assets

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