Expertise in Content Marketing

Reach and engage healthcare professionals

Branded Channel Platform

Data Driven Marketing Initatives

The most engaging content will not deliver business value without access to the right provider audience and comprehensive analytics that measure results. Our promotions team delivers a consultative approach to developing strategic campaigns for healthcare organizations. Our team of experts aligns marketing outreach to your business objectives. We maximize exposure to your target audience and meet your unique business goals.

Our multi-channel physician engagement includes:

Branded Emails

875K verified/opted-in US/Int’l Physicians Among our General Members (Segmented by Geography & Specialty)


325K+ BroadcastMed Premium Members Receive Weekly Updates


Potential Reach = 32 Million + Providers/Monthly & 175 Million Patients through Partnerships

MD-ID Technology:
Identify Physicians that Visit Your Site

MD-ID is a cutting-edge technology that allows you to pinpoint the exact identity and behavior of physicians and healthcare providers that traffic your website, with no registration required. MD-ID allows you to identify your most engaged audience and send targeted campaigns based on this valuable data. We then create personalized marketing campaigns optimized to drive transactions, referrals, CME completions, newsletter subscriptions, or many other business goals. Learn more about the power of MD-ID technology.

Measure Success with our Proprietary Engagement Dashboard

Measure and analyze metrics that are mapped to your business goals and strategies.

  • Higher Participation & Success Rates in Physician Training
  • Increased Physician Referrals
  • Improved Engagement in Client Promotional Programs
  • Increased CME Completions & MedEd Certificate Awards
  • Deeper Data on Physician Video Completions & Survey Results