Branded Channel Platform

Capitalize on a Platform built, refined and technologically validated by others just like you. The Platform is continually updated insuring relevant features vs a DIY that may not keep pace. Leaving the technology race to us has solved the budget, deadline and integration challenges for other leaders in healthcare.

Branded Channel Platform

Video Platform Features

  • Easy to implement and no IT involvement required
  • Integrated transparently into your existing website – or stand alone
  • Mobile accessible & device agnostic
  • Aligns conversion data with your goals & PRM/CRM/LMS
  • Auto-syndication to BroadcastMed Network to extend your reach

Video Platform Features and Functionality Options

All Platforms Include:

  • Standalone website optimized for video content
  • Secure hosting and delivery
  • Standard design template with client logo (no custom design included)
  • Upload source video files up to 5GB in size for transcoding into five bitrates and into universal streaming format (browser, iPad/iPhone, handhelds, etc.)
  • Content coding for your analytics tool of choice
  • Mobile viewing - Smart device detection (iPhone/iPad, Android)
  • Obtain video embed codes for distribution of video content beyond the branded video platform
  • Parallel registration for visitors without social media accounts
  • Integration of existing client video
  • Preview video content and pages from within the administrative interface
  • Establish content publishing submit/approve workflows for content control
  • Offers site visitors "social sign-in" using their existing social media accounts (i.e., LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Optional channel placement in the BroadcastMed Network
  • Content Sharing - via email & social destinations
  • Reporting and analytics about site visitors, trends, shares, etc.

Video Branded Platform Additionally Includes:

  • Unique domain or subdomain name
  • Comprehensive social analytics
  • Create, publish and edit playlists and associate video content with playlists
  • Site design (up to 2 revisions included)
  • Create, publish and edit video-based branded video platform web pages

Video Communication Platform Additionally Includes:

  • Blog/Video Blog - Featured physician communication, etc.
  • News & Clinical Research Feeds
  • SEO-friendly: comments are accessible to search engines
  • Use platform as a source for publishing RSS feeds to site visitors
  • 1-click publishing to multiple social networks
  • Full moderation that includes word black listing and user flagging
  • Users can toggle activity between everyone's activity, friend activity, or their own activity

Video Learning Platform Additionally Includes:

  • Reserve new domain and/or subdomain names for new video platform modules & applications
  • Flexible question placement accommodates progressive learning applications
  • Supporting documents, custom tests & completion certificates, learner reporting
  • Increased server and database performance and capacity to accommodate increased traffic and application functionality
  • Administrative interface to create and edit accredited and non-accredited courses with or without slides
  • Multi-tiered Event Calendar
  • Course registration using custom-defined form fields
  • All functionality integrates with video, audio and text-centered courses
  • Create channel design specifications for extended client branding across multiple applications
  • User Directory - Application integration allowing employee/team members to use organizational username & password for log-in. *(May require additional fees.)

What We Do

We help the world’s best healthcare brands engage, educate and inspire physicians and other providers by producing, promoting and distributing video content that improves healthcare and delivers measurable business results.


Produce clinical content featuring your brand and experts. Promote with precision to regional referring providers. Use our Platform without IT support.

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Reduce costs, provide convenience and increase engagement with healthcare professionals.

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