Branded Channel Platform

The Branded Channel is an online video platform created to grow awareness of your Organization in the minds of your targeted audiences. The Branded Channel makes it easy, because it serves as your centralized, video broadcast solution.

Use video content from existing resources in addition to new content developed specifically to meet distinct communications goals. Experience freedom from the burden of managing the tactical implementation and strategic oversight of a comprehensive digital initiative. The Branded Channel expands human bandwidth because BroadcastMed continually manages and enhances the platform, delivering a compelling digital viewing experience across all connected devices. Select a digital platform from one of these easy to launch solutions — BroadcastMed Basic Channel, Branded Channel – Professional, or Branded Channel – Enterprise. Each of the BroadcastMed channels ensures the most compelling digital broadcasting experience possible for your audience.






Video content management system
Secure hosting and delivery
SEO Optimized
Searchable Closed-Captioned Transcripts
Video delivery optimized for any device including mobile
Video Embed Codes
Optional viewer registration with available social sign-in
Social Sharing and Following tools
Site/Video Reporting and Analytics
Content placement on the BroadcastMed Network Specialty Specific Channels, as well as
Standalone Platform optimized for video content with unique domain or subdomain  
Site design consistent with client style guide  
Upload and integrate existing video content  
Submit/approve workflows  
Administrative interface  
Event Publishing    
News Publishing    
Blogs/Video Blogs    
RSS Feeds    
Create and edit CME-accredited video-centered courses   Supported
Progressive-learning video-centered courses - SLApp   Supported
Video-centric case study   Supported
Course registration using custom defined fields   Supported
Course completion reporting   Supported
Supporting documents, custom tests, completion certificates   Supported
Social Engagement
Comprehensive social analytics    
Site wide social activity feed    
Real time conversation during live events    
Full moderation (word blacklisting & user flagging)    
SEO friendly content specific comment streams